DeVinci’s Pizza: Your One Stop Web Site for Wordle Help

I’ve broken the game. I feel like one of those kids who came up with a pattern to solve the Rubix Cube in no time flat.

If you utilize my three easy to follow steps I guarantee* you success and access to the spoils that follow. Women will adore you (or men depending.) Co-workers will dutifully march ahead of you littering your path with rose petals. People who once tried to get into the elevator before you will graciously step aside. You will always get the last piece of pizza. You have my guarantee.*

For those not familiar with Wordle it’s a word game where you are given six chances to figure out each round’s featured five letter word. You type in a word and if one of that word’s letters is in the target word the letter will be surrounded by an orange square. If the letter isn’t in the target word it gets surrounded by a grey square. Finally, if the letter is both in the target word and you placed it in the spot where it should be in the target word (second letter, etc.) then it get’s surrounded by a green square. You use process of elimination to put together the word before you run out of chances.

People I’ve watched play tend to guess and then guess again. I look to eliminate rather than find and in doing so I give up three out of six tries right away.




Type those three words in and you have dealt with all the vowels including Y and most of the more commonly used consonants. Once you know what vowels are in play and what letters in general are not, the game is a breeze.

You are welcome wonderful world.

*Not in any way to be construed as a guarantee.