Now Hiring Servers!

Did you see the exclamation point in the title? This has to be big news.

The reason companies don’t say that they have a life changing opportunity available is that to many people assume that “life changing” has to refer to something momentous. It can mean something small too. If you’ve never had a butterfly land on your Frosted Flakes and then one does, it might not be a huge deal, but your life has changed in that you can no longer honestly say that you’ve never had a lepidoptera grace your breakfast flakes.

Day and night shifts are available and we can be flexible. Come by, demonstrate that you can be nice and not forget stuff over discrete periods of time and get started on a life changing (see above) journey that will take you from one table to a different table and back with repeated stops at many points in between. Discover the wonders of exclusive kitchen and storage areas not usually open to the general public, regale your non-DeVinci’s employed friends with tales of the liberal employee soft drink/tea/coffee policy, and gaze admiringly at that part of Vulcan’s arm that you can see over the tree line from the parking lot.

Call us at (205) 879-1455 and leave a message for Ben.

World Games Have Begun

This is great. We have visitors in the Birmingham area from all over the world. Per twitter, the reaction to our town and facilities that I’ve seen can overwhelmingly described as laudable. Wait till these visitors get a few days of wandering around town to grasp the quality of restaurants we have here.

When you run into a tourist, tell them all about your favorite eateries. I’d love it if you mentioned us, but if your thoughts lean toward a Gyro from Sam’s Deli or tacos from El Barrio, spread the word. We have a ton to offer around here. Let people know.

We Have New Wines!

We do. I wasn’t just joking around in order to write a headline that ends in an exclamation point.  You’ll be pleased, I think.

The hero is a Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc. Les Roches 2020 from the Touraine appellation is the antithesis of the popular but overwrought Southern Hemisphere offerings with wads of citrus bourn from an extended growing season. This is pure Europe. Peach and other soft fruits – melon if you’re willing to chase it – follow a light body. It’s a sipping wine, an alternative to an ice-cold beer for when the Braves game starts up. Sit back and well… sit back.

Also new to the bar is a Chardonnay from the good people at Noah River, a Pinot Noir from Boen, a Chianti Colli Senesi from Castello di Farnetella, and a Malbec from Piatelli Vineyards out of Mendoza.

Seasons change and so do we. Look to this sight for further changes as the days sweat a mean streak through your otherwise kind heart. It’s hot out there, but it’s pretty comfortable in here.

Pull up a chair.

DeVinci’s Pizza: Your One Stop Web Site for Wordle Help

I’ve broken the game. I feel like one of those kids who came up with a pattern to solve the Rubix Cube in no time flat.

If you utilize my three easy to follow steps I guarantee* you success and access to the spoils that follow. Women will adore you (or men depending.) Co-workers will dutifully march ahead of you littering your path with rose petals. People who once tried to get into the elevator before you will graciously step aside. You will always get the last piece of pizza. You have my guarantee.*

For those not familiar with Wordle it’s a word game where you are given six chances to figure out each round’s featured five letter word. You type in a word and if one of that word’s letters is in the target word the letter will be surrounded by an orange square. If the letter isn’t in the target word it gets surrounded by a grey square. Finally, if the letter is both in the target word and you placed it in the spot where it should be in the target word (second letter, etc.) then it get’s surrounded by a green square. You use process of elimination to put together the word before you run out of chances.

People I’ve watched play tend to guess and then guess again. I look to eliminate rather than find and in doing so I give up three out of six tries right away.




Type those three words in and you have dealt with all the vowels including Y and most of the more commonly used consonants. Once you know what vowels are in play and what letters in general are not, the game is a breeze.

You are welcome wonderful world.

*Not in any way to be construed as a guarantee.  

P.O.E.T.S. Day! The John Milton Edition.

Editor’s Note: There is some reproduction from an earlier version of this series. The P.O.E.T.S. Day has been picked up by another site to publish simultaneously and we are putting out best foot forward for the new audience. There will be some repeats in the short term, but all will balance out. Thanks for reading, both times.

File:John Milton signature.svg - Wikipedia

Congratulations lads and lassies, despite the drudgery of the work week you’ve made it to Friday and the weekend is in sight. But we are not watchers, you and I. We are not mere witnesses to the unfolding of our destinies. We do not wait for the weekend. We seize it. It’s time for a P.O.E.T.S. Day – Piss Off Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday.

So fake a cough, “twist your ankle,” or just slip out of the office quietly. No one will think the less of you for a lie or minor property destruction in the cause of sidling up to a bar a few hours early.

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Are We Here or Not?

We’ve gotten that question a lot lately and we apologize for the confusion. We are definitely here despite the fact that we are not currently publicizing that fact. We are not being coy by intent.

With all the beautification taking place around us we felt the need to keep up with the Joneses and ordered a new awning and sign.

One of our employees let us shared with us the wonderful news that our sign was ready and set to hang. I say wonderful because this was way ahead of schedule.

We took down the old sign and awning, put up the new awning and called the sign guys to find out there had been some mix up on our end – not sure how our employee got the idea that the sign was ready because apparently that was far from the message the sign company left with us so she is currently sulking but that will pass – and in fact our sign was still several weeks away.

So yes, we are still here and we will be glad to field calls from those driving up and down 18th St. trying to find us amidst the construction and we understand that at least three times a day we will have someone come through the door asking if this is Edgar’s.

We are here, working, with signs following. See you soon and thanks for your patience.

She’s Really Good at This.

People do all sorts of amazing things. You hear about their hobbies or what you think are hobbies and file it away with no realization of the scope. This is my son’s friend. She’s his age so on either side of fifteen – I’m not sure exactly – maybe fourteen, maybe sixteen. We heard she like to shoot arrows. This is no hobby. She is shockingly good. We had no idea.

We saw her as a kind person and a quick wit. She was academically centered and it was a given that there were going to be honors grade certificates headed her way. We were glad she was among my son’s group of compatriots. Apparently she’s also Katniss.

From her go fund me:

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