She’s Really Good at This.

People do all sorts of amazing things. You hear about their hobbies or what you think are hobbies and file it away with no realization of the scope. This is my son’s friend. She’s his age so on either side of fifteen – I’m not sure exactly – maybe fourteen, maybe sixteen. We heard she like to shoot arrows. This is no hobby. She is shockingly good. We had no idea.

We saw her as a kind person and a quick wit. She was academically centered and it was a given that there were going to be honors grade certificates headed her way. We were glad she was among my son’s group of compatriots. Apparently she’s also Katniss.

From her go fund me:

“Veronica’s love of archery began at Girl Scout Camp. A year later she joined a Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) Team, in Hoover, Alabama. She has traveled the Eastern United States to compete in tournaments from Florida to Maryland. The following year she also became a member of the Scholastic 3D Archery (S3DA) club in Hanceville, Alabama, Heritage Archery. Last Fall, she qualified, applied, and became a member of USA Archery’s Southeast Regional Elite Development (RED) Team. She is currently the Alabama S3DA Shooter of the Year for her age division. She is also the Alabama JOAD State Champion for her age division. Nationally, she is ranked 40th.Veronica has the opportunity to compete on an international stage for the first time in her archery career. The World Ranking Event will take place in Medellin, Columbia, in the first week in November, 2021. Currently, she is not sponsored by any archery companies or USA Archery. She will be participating as a self funded athlete.At this time, expenses, which include but are not limited to air fair, bus transportation, hotel, dining, tournament registration, tournament uniforms, and covid testing, total an estimated $6,000. Please, consider assisting Veronica follow her passion and live her dream of representing her country by competing in a sport she loves.”

People are amazing and find so many interests. If you have the means, help get her to her target.

There are incredible people doing incredible things in our town.

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