What If We Threw a Wine Tasting and Nobody Came?

I woke up at 3 am this morning.

You think about stuff when you’re trying to not think about stuff and fall asleep.

Ideally you’d be able to coax yourself into a pleasant dream where you’re the heroic general on the up side of some interstellar conflict piloting toward a pleasant retirement on a Rigel like sex planet but as you lull off your subconscious pulls up some weird scenario where a composite uncle is screaming at you because you put decaffeinated as opposed caffeinated Darjeeling in your long deceased grandmother’s medicinal chili and that kind of nonsense will wake you up quick.

Insomnia sucks.

Anyway, I stared at the ceiling thinking about what I wanted to do and I settled on wine tastings. I used to do those all the time and I’m pretty good at it.

Nobody is going to come. Not at first. I’ll scrabble together some crowd of family and friends to make it look less embarrassing for the first few weeks, but I’m not certain that the appeal of decent well priced wines will bring folks in. That’s a shame.

There’s a lot to learn about easily obtainable wine. Recast. There’s a lot to learn about reasonably obtainable wine if you have the interest.

Every vineyard has a story. It might be a stupid story but it’s a story.

There’s an idea that wine and comfort with wine is a proclivity of the elite. Drivel. It’s an agricultural product. Sit for five minutes with a wine maker – not the PR guy, but the wine maker or the vineyard manager – and you get it. Farmers are fun folks.

I’m thinking Thursdays around 5 pm. Keep an eye on our Twitter for details. I’ll let you know if we go with this or not.

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